They found me at the door of a shelter shaking.

Video: SUPER SMART CAT .. she found me in a SHELTER .. watch KISS at the END!

I’m Necco. Well, I used to be Gizmo. I don’t remember much about being a puppy. My first memories are of the shelter. They found me at the door shaking. It was ok but i was lonely.

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One day a nice lady picked me up and took me home. I was so happy but every time she called my name I ran and hid. I cant remember why but it scares me.

She started calling me Necco. It didn’t take long for me to realize it was my new name. Soon she started working a lot. I was in my kennel all day. One day she told me I was getting a new mommy and a daddy. When I got there I knew this was my forever home!

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Mommy and daddy are so nice. I get to go to the dog park and play. We watch movies and I fall asleep on mommies lap. One day they brought me a baby! Mommy says its her baby but trust me he’s mine! We play all the time and nap together, if i don’t fall asleep in mommy and daddy’s bed first. Ive been with mommy and daddy for 5 years. We even moved to SC from NY. I always have food and treats and lots of cuddles. Now excuse me, i’m going to nap on the couch.


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