This tiny pup is like a real-life teddy bear

Video: This tiny dog looks like a teddy bear and the internet is in love with her

Teddy Bears are cute and cuddly. But for us dog lovers, they simply cannot compare to the cuteness and loving nature of our furbabies.

Video: Hungry Teddy Bear Puppy

Now this puppy named Bibi Shasha is getting very famous on the internet. And it’s because she looks like a real-life teddy bear–but even more adorable!

Adorable, isn’t she? She’s so cute that she has over 83,000 followers on Instagram!

Check out the video below and see why everyone loves this adorable little baby!

This puppy is seriously cute! For more photos and videos of this adorable baby, follow her on Instagram!

(Bibi Shasha is cute, no doubt about that. But we do not encourage the breeding of dogs this small since they can have many health issues.)

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