Good news! Caitlyn is doing great after surgery, expected to make full recovery

Caitlyn is now in recovery following plastic surgery on Wednesday. (Source: WCSC)

Caitlyn is now in recovery following plastic surgery on Wednesday. (Source: WCSC)

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Great news! Caitlyn, the 15-month old Staffy-mix that was found last week in critical condition with her muzzle clamped shut with electrical tape, is now recovering from surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the Charleston Animal Society, veterinarian Dr. Henri Bianucci performed the surgery to repair extensive damage to Caitlyn’s cheek and lips.

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The surgery, which took about two hours to perform, originally called for repair to her tongue which appeared to have become irreparably damaged due to loss of blood when it became clamped between her top and bottom teeth while her muzzle was tightly taped. Fortunately, damage to her tongue was less severe than originally thought, and it looks like her tongue, with time, will fully heal on its own.

Surgery to her cheek and lips to repair tears caused by the tape will allow her to keep food inside her mouth and will ultimately help her entire body heal faster.

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Veterinarians are also treating Caitlyn with laser therapy and time in a hyperbaric chamber.

The latest, always changing, reports now say that William Leonard Dodson, arrested yesterday morning on charges of animal abuse and torture, purchased Caitlyn from his previous owners for $20. He claims to have taped her muzzle shut to prevent her from barking.

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Dr. Bianucci expects Caitlyn to be placed with a foster family while she continues treatment and healing. She is expected to make a full recovery.

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