Weigh in! So, michael vick is an animal-rights activist now?

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Michael Vick served 18-months of a 23-month prison sentence after he was found guilty of bankrolling a dog-fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels.

In his guilty plea, Vick admitted to helping kill 6 to 8 dogs. While Vick’s supporters claim he “did his time,” he has faced no charges of animal cruelty or served a single day in jail for his part in the torture and murder of any dogs.

Now, Vick, who has never publicly expressed remorse for the dogs that suffered, who admitted that, had he not been caught, would still be dogfighting to this day, is advocating for animal rights.

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ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported, that Vick is scheduled to meet with Pennsylvania lawmakers in support of PA House Bill 1516, or the pets in cars bill, which would give police officers authority to rescue dogs and cats from cars due to unsafe temperatures.

“I know that I’m an unlikely advocate,” Vick said through a representative. “I was part of the problem. Now, my perspective can help reach people that activists can’t reach. I can help others become agents of change.”

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Vick has been working to improve his public image since the guilty plea in 2007, publicly supporting the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, which makes it a federal crime to attend an organized animal fight. Ironically, the law makes those who merely attend the very events that Vick held at his BadNewz Kennels face stiffer sentences and charges than he himself has ever faced.

What’s your opinion? Is Michael Vick genuinely trying to better the lives of dogs? Or, is this just another PR move to improve his image?

Video: Animal-rights advocates and their dogs gathered Monday outside Atlanta Falcons headquarters, calling

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