Des plaines man sentenced in dog beating case

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A Des Plaines man is sentenced to 30 months in jail and is barred from owning another dog for at least 20 years after he admitted to punching and beating his small dog.

The Chicago Tribune reported that James Robert Wesolaski, a 51-year old Des Plaines resident, pinned his small dog to the ground outside of his home and punched the dog several times as hard as he could. A passerby saw the incident and called police to the scene.

When they arrived, police found the Lhasa Apso named Teddy with swollen, bleeding eyes and broken capilaries, indicating that the poor dog had been choked. Wesolaski told officers that he was “having a bad day,” and beat his dog for running off.

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Judge Lauren Edidin told Wesolaski that his 20-year ban on having a pet is “a very serious part of this agreement.” The judge also advised Wesolaski to get anger management counseling and treatment for alcohol abuse.

Teddy has now made a full recovery and is enjoying a better life in a new home along with two other dogs removed from Wesolaski’s care (or lack thereof).

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We report on cases of animal abuse every week, and are normally appalled at the lack of punishment for animal abusers. It’s a nice change to see a judge take a strong stand when sentencing this man. At 51-years old, we’re hoping his 20 year ban from dog ownership means Wesolaski will never own another dog again. It’s a big step in the right direction when compared to the 3 year ban on dog ownership given to Michael Vick.

What are your thoughts? Do you think his sentence was harsh enough? Too harsh?

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