Who i’m voting for in the presidential election

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The other day, my dog parent was resting and I wasn’t doing much.

Unless you count chewing on his sandal as doing something. Leather sandals are so yummy.

And the phone began to ring and I answered it.

Now you may not know that I live in Florida and everyone cares about the vote in Florida.

On the other end a woman asked, “Are you above the age of 21?”

Video: Who I'm Voting For President - Wranglerstar Response (via Casey Neistat's video)

I yipped for Yes.

After all, 3 dog years is 21 so I guess I can vote.

Video: Joe Rogan on Who He's Voting For President

Then she asked me if I planned on voting in the Presidential election.

I yipped again.

Then she asked me if I was voting for Romney.

I growled no.

I don’t like dogs tied to the roof of a car.

Then she asked me if I was voting for Obama.

I growled no.

I don’t like dogs on a dinner plate.

So she asked me, “Who are you voting for?”

I told her “Ruff”.

She said, “Oh, it’s rough”.

She put me down as undecided.

Next time, I’ll just keep chewing the sandal.

Humans can be so stupid.

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