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Have you given much thought to what is really the best breed of dog for you and your lifestyle, temperament, and living situation? Most people do not. They do as we all do when deciding on adding a dog to the family—we look at a few different puppies, and one steals our hearts is the pup we walk in the front door with. Sometimes we have chosen wisely and other times we have made a huge mistake. Let’s take a look at how to decide what the best breed of dog for you most likely is.

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There are many considerations to take into account when deciding what is the best breed of dog for you and your family. Think back to other dogs you have owned and how well you and the dog bonded. Stay away from those previous breeds you did not really get along with. Not all breeds fit everyone, so eliminate the ones you know are not your “type” of dog. Is a dog with aloof outlook what you seek? Or maybe a more laid-back dog that is playful, and gets along well with people will suit you better. How about a breed with high intelligence, so obedience training goes smoothly? These are important questions to ask yourself so you have a “real” relationship with the dog, benefiting the dog and you.

Are you into spending time every day grooming the dog or would a low-maintenance dog be better? What is going to be your ability to exercise the dog daily as certain breeds need, or are you not able to provide this due to age or a disability? And how much room do you have for the dog to live in? If you live in a small home with a very small yard it makes little sense to buy a breed who will weigh over 150 pounds when fully grown. Last thing to consider is if you are financially able to care for a dog. The expense of purchasing a puppy is going to pale in comparison to the costs incurred over the lifetime of owning and caring for the dog so be realistic when answering this question.

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After considering the above questions go online and do a bit of research covering the selected breeds you are interested in. This way the best breed of dog for you will eventually surface and after buying the pup you will have a happy life together.

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