What breed best suits you?

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Have you given consideration to what dog breed best suits you and your family or current living situation? Before selecting from one of over 150 dog breeds, this is a question all future dog owners need to ask themselves. Grabbing the first cute little puppy in the window often turns out to be a poor decision, so we will give you a few tips to consider when deciding what dog breed best suits you.

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Of course, if you have owned dogs previously, and have a favorite breed or mutt, then this discussion is probably not for you.

This future canine is going alter your life in many ways, and you should decide what the purpose for bringing a dog home is. Do you want a dog for protection purposes? Or is this dog going to be one of the hunting breeds you can go afield with to pursue game? Or maybe the dog is for companionship to you or for another dog you already own. Decide the true reason and purpose as to why you want a dog. After doing this you will have narrowed down the number of breeds and have a much better idea of what dog breed best suits you.

Of the over 150 breeds of dogs you now can look into the various groupings to ultimately select the best breed of dog for your requirements and tastes. You can find in-depth information on each group, and specific breed that may catch your interest, at the AKC.org website.

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