Your dog deserves a proud name!

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Is the dog a hunting breed? If so consider a name suited to its purpose. For hunting dogs, and all dogs for that matter, a one syllable name is ideal as the dog learns this word faster than if you name him the Count of Luxemburg. We had a registered Golden Retriever who had the “official” name “Sir Brandilite of Newport News”. Can you imagine addressing the poor thing with that? Needless to say, we called him Brandi.

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When you bring a new puppy home, spend a few days observing how it acts. What type of personality does he/she display? Is he a very outgoing puppy or more reserved and shy? Often it is the very mannerisms of the pup that bring the perfect name to mind for him.

If you own a small poodle you not going to name it Butch or Killer, are you? A more fitting name will be something that makes sense according to his size and breed. Just as many people like to name German Shepherds Max because of the dogs heritage you should select a name according to the same criteria. I know this is going to be a controversial statement, but why name a large dog Tiny and a Toy breed dog Stallion? Just does not make sense.

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Ask for suggestions from each member of your family when naming your dog. Once you have chosen a name do not change it as this only confuses the little one.

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