What to name a new puppy?

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When all else fails and the family is stumped go online to one of the many dog name sites. You will find thousands of names for all types of dogs. I should give you a fair warning about using a website featuring literally thousands of dog names and suggestions for the breed of dog you have purchase: it can be enough to give you a headache! I only say this because of all the great names you will see along with the well thought out suggestions offered as tips for naming dogs.

No matter how the new pup’s name is arrived at never change the name after he or she begins to respond to their name. Changing the little guy’s name several times will only confuse the puppy, and make behavior training a real pain in the you know what. It is always a good idea to wait a few days after bringing the new puppy home before selecting a name. When you do this the pups behavior often reveals the best name for him.

Remember this: when you name a new puppy stick with the name, and for training purposes only give the new pup a one or at most two syllable name. It is much easier for the pup to remember a short name.


How do you choose a name for a new puppy? Please share tips and advice in the space below.

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