Your dog deserves a proud name!

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I bet if you take a few minutes to think about this, you can remember a few of the really awful names other people have given their dogs. Where this is particularly noticeable is names for some male dogs. I know I certainly can remember some “doozies”, and if I were one of those dogs I would file for a name change! Your dog is a loyal and proud animal that is going to be with you and your family for many years, so don’t you feel it deserves a name to be proud of? When you think about the name of your dog, it is a reflection on the relationship you have with each other, and how you really feel about the dog.

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Would you consider naming your dog any of the following names? Flearoy, Gico, Homer, Deadbeat, Fetch, Jimmy Dean Link, Doozer, Fatboy, or Digger? Not unless you have a very strange sense of humor! Yet many people use these names for their dogs. Why not find a name unique to your dog and its breed or heritage? If he could speak he would thank you I am sure. Below are a few tips to help you decide on a name that befits you best friend.

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