The best german dog names

If you`ve got your heart set on a German name for your puppy, I`ve made it easy to find exactly what you`re looking for right here.

These names are strong, powerful and classic - and are a terrific choice for `big` brave dogs of all sizes!

You`ll find the most popular male & female dog names, complete with their meanings, so that you can find the perfect match your pup`s personality, heritage, color or any characteristic you choose.

Below the names I`ve also listed the most popular German dog breeds. Enjoy!

From Germany With Love

For Male Puppies

Aldo - wise one

Arnold - powerful eagle

Axel - peaceful

Ballard - warrior

Benno - brave like a bear

Berger - mountain dweller

Bismarck - former German Chancellor

Blitz - flash

Boris - fighter

Ernest - vigorous

Falk - wolf

Felix - lucky

Fritz - peaceful ruler

Gunther - battle warrior

Heinrich - ruler

Hank - also means ruler

Kaiser - King

Kasper - treasurer

Klaus - victorious

Luger - old German gun

Luther - famous warrior

Matthias - gift from God

Max - great

Odo - wealthy

Oskar - spear

Otto - prosperous

Panzer - armor

Prinz - prince

Schatz/e - little treasure

Schwartz - black

Udo - rich/prosperous

Ulrik- power of the wolf

Wolfgang -rising wolf

For Female Puppies

Alice - noble

Anka - graceful

Ava - birdlike

Berta - bright & strong

Birgit - protector

Britta - white

Elke - kind/noble

Elsa - strength

Erika- powerful ruler

Etta - small

Frieda - peaceful

Gabi - hero of God

Gretchen - pearl

Greta - pearl

Grizelda - ironlike

Heide - noble

Kristel - german for Christine

Leni - little angel

Liebe - love

Lotti- little woman

Marthe - a lady

Mischa - who is like God

Olga - holy

Schatzie - little sweetheart

Sofie - sweet

Susi - a lily

Tilli- battle maiden

Trudi- of the spear

Ulrika - all ruling

Ursula - female bear

Utta - rich

Wilma- bold protector

Zelda- battle maid

Zuker- sugar

Popular German Dog Breeds

Dog breeds that originated in Germany are diverse and colorful. Many of them are working dogs, used either for hunting, guarding or herding.

The `Spitz` dog breeds are among the oldest in the world, going back to the 15th century. The well-known Rottweiler breed began in the German village of Rottweil in the days of the Roman Empire.

Here are just some of the most popular German breeds:

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Doberman Pinscher

Eskimo Dog (Spitz)

German Pointer

German Shepherd Dog

German Spitz

Great Dane




Miniature Pinscher





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