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Italian Greyhound

Italian dog names sound colorful, captivating, exotic.... and so they should.

After all, they originate in Italy - the land of the Romans, world-famous artists, the mafia, goodwine and amazing food, a country that`s a blend of history, color, flavor andexcitement.

What better backdrop for picking the perfect name for yourpup?

Maybe you have an Italian breed, or perhaps you just love the sound of the language or are looking for a dog name that`s a little bit different.

Eitherway you`re going to love the great selection of Italian names that I`vecollected together on this page. If you`re not bi-lingual you`ll behappy to see the meanings of each dog name as well!

At the bottom ofthe page you`ll also find a list of the most popular Italian dog breeds, plus links to more pages of names.

From Italy With Love

For Male Puppies

Aldo - rich

Angelo - angel

Brando - brilliant raven

Bruno - brown haired

Cesare - long haired

Corrado - bold

Elmo - worthy to be loved

Enzo - rules the home

Fausto - lucky

Geronimo - sacred

Gino - famous

Giovanni - gift from God

Guido - forest guide

Ilari- cheerful

Lanza - noble

Leo - lion

Lucca - light

Lucio - brings light

Marco - warring

Paolo- little

Primo - first or first born

Rocco - rest

Silvio - silver

Tino - small

Tito - giant

Ugo - intelligent

Vito - the victor

For Female Puppies

Andria - love

Aria - melody

Bambi - child

Bianca - white

Cammeo - sculptured jewel

Cara - beloved

Cira - the sun

Donata - gift

Elda - warrior

Fiorenza - flower

Gemma - jewel or gem

Ghita - pearl

Grazia - grace

Ilaria - cheerful

Leola - lion

Liona - lioness

Lucia - graceful

Lunetta - little moon

Massima - great

Nicia - people`s victory

Oria/Oriana - golden

Paola - small

Pietra - rock

Renata - rebirth

Rosa - rose

Rosetta - little rose

Rufina - red haired

Sofia - wise

Vedetta - guardian

Viviana - full of life

Popular Italian Dog Breeds

There are over a dozen Italian dog breeds that are recognized by registry organizations in the USA.

Lots of the breed names are a challenge to pronounce, but they`re all interesting dogs, many of them herding and working breeds.

If you`re interested in a breed with a link to the colorful history of Italy, check out this list.....

Bergamasco Shepherd (Pastore Bergamasco)


Bracco Italiano

Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

Cirneco dell`Etna

Italian Shepherd (Pastore Italiano)

Italian Spitz (Volpino Italiano)

Lagotto Romagnolo

Lupo Italiano (wolf-gsd-hybrid)

Neopolitan Mastiff

Maremma Sheepdog (Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese)

Piccolo Levriero Italiano

Saint Bernard (from Italian/Swiss Alps)

Segugio Italiano a Pelo Raso

Segugio Italiano a Pelo Forte

Spinone (aka Italian Wire-haired Pointer or Italian Griffon)

Want to see more great dog names ? Then check out these pages.....

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