The german shepherd: great family pet

Ask the average person on the street to name ten dog breeds and most will include the popular German Shepherd in their list. Maybe they are old enough to remember the popular TV show Rin Tin Tin or have owned this breed. Whatever the reason, these dogs are very versatile canines, and make great family dogs.

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First recognized by the AKC in 1908, it was moved to the “Herding” group classification in 1983 when that group was first created. Before that it was in the “Working” group.

The breed is highly intelligent, very strong with great endurance, easily trained for family type behaviors, and is used by police forces worldwide due to the breed’s ability to accept highly advanced training for a variety of missions. The German Shepherd is used for search and rescue in times of disaster, to aid police in the apprehension of criminals, as guard dogs, and by military forces for many uses. This same breed is as gentle as a baby when around children and adults. They are also very good with any other dogs you may own.

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Occasionally a breeder will have very excitable and somewhat high-strung puppies, and these should be passed over for family dogs because of these very traits. These occurrences are the exception, and should not taint your desire to own this breed.

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