German shepherd puppy pictures

german shepherd puppy Shakira

Come on in and take a look at some of the best German Shepherd puppy pictures online.

I honestly don`t think there`s anything more adorable than a puppy, and looking at puppy photos is the next best thing to having a real, live furbaby in your arms.

German Shepherds are one of the most eye-catching breeds, they`re a stunning combination of strength, beauty, intelligence and fluid movement.

As puppies, GSD`s are big, fluffy and full of life.

These pictures give you a glimpse of the intelligence and personality that just can`t be kept inside. Those puppy dog eyes say it all!

GSD puppy Adler
German Shepherd pup Truman
Gucci a GSD puppy

As you can see from the puppies in the pictures above, a GSD`s ears can go up and down almost at will during the early months.

The correct ear-set for a GSD is ears which are up (or pricked) like little Truman`s in the middle photograph. Some puppies will have ears that go up... and stay there. Others will have ears that take up a different position daily, sometimes almost hourly.

Usually by 5 months the ears will be up most of the time, if they`re not they may not have the correct set as an adult. Taping them can sometimes help, but not always.

Unless your pup is a show prospect, this is a cosmetic detail and shouldn`t cause you a lot of worry either way.

The most common (and easily recognized) German Shepherd coat is black and tan, or black and red, but it can also be black and silver, be solid black, sable, solid white or even liver or blue. The white, liver or blue are not recognized or acceptable by AKC breed standards.

These adorable German Shepherd puppy pictures show you a few of the different coat colors. Let`s start with the black and tan and black and red.....

Hannibal - black and tan
Coda - black and tan
Duchess - black and red

Now, some photos of beautiful white German Shepherd puppies. This may not be an `acceptable` color but personally I think they`re lovely :)

Tyler - white

Sammy - white
Kia - white

Ready for more? Good :) Here are some pictures that show the black German Shepherd puppies.....

Berrin - black
Jasper - black
Ethan - black

Now for some pictures showing the gorgeous sable German Shepherd coat....

Sacha - sable
Molly - sable
Iso - sable

German Shepherd Dogs don`t just come in a variety of colors. There are also three distinct and different coat types.

Video: German Shepherd Puppies Collection Of Pictures | German Shepherd Puppies Dogs

The `stock` coat is a short coat, then there`s the long-coat GSD whose coat is longer, silkier and feathered around the ears, legs and tail.

The `plush` coat falls in between these two. It`s longer, and thicker, than a stock coat, but not as long or as fine as the true long coat.

Video: German Shepherd Puppies in Pictures

Take a look at these german shepherd puppy pictures which show some examples of all three coat types.....

Magnus - German Shepherd puppy with short or stock coat

Video: White German Shepherd Puppies Picture Collection And Ideas

Bellatrix - German Shepherd puppy with plush coat
Khi - long-coated German Shepherd puppy

And finally, here are some more gorgeous pictures for you to look at. They`re not in any particular order, or of any special coat type or color. They`re just adorable GSD puppies.

All of the pics on this page have been submitted to this website by their owners and have been featured in one of my monthly puppy photo contests. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Video: Black German Shepherd Puppies Collection Of Pictures | Black German Shepherd Puppies Dogs



I hope you`ve had fun looking at all these adorable babies. Come back and visit again soon!

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