4 Super cool gadgets to help fido stay fit

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Summer is upon us, and that means our dogs are getting even more playtime than usual…AKA more exercise! This is good news for pups and their parents, but it can sometimes be difficult, especially when trying to achieve specific health goals like weight loss, to track our fur babies’ progress, especially since activity levels can vary from day to day. Luckily, there are tons of clever gadgets sprouting up that are designed to help us do just that. Take advantage of the remaining dog days of summer with these fitness-specific engagement and monitoring gadgets!

1.) FitBark

Much like the tech devices available for humans to track our physical activity, FitBark is a cool little gadget that offers dog owners an easy way to get a clear idea of how much exercise and nutrition their fur babies are receiving on any given day. Available in several vibrant colors, the waterproof gadget easily attaches to your dog’s collar and is even wifi and bluetooth compatible.

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2.) Whistle

Whistle‘s Activity Monitor lets you see how your beloved pup sizes up against other dogs with similar builds and health profiles with this daily activity tracker. The corresponding app lets owners stay up-to-date with exercise and health progress. The lightweight collar attachment lets owners easily set and monitor long-term health goals, as well as day-to-day activity.

3.) iFetch

As much as we adore a good playtime session with our dogs, the truth is most pet owners tire out long before their babies do. We’ve all seen the look of disappointment when a game of fetch is decidedly over, but iFetch is hoping to change all that. The interactive, on-demand ball launcher helps keep the timeless game of fetch more interesting, and accessible, for our pups. Even when their humans are not able to play, iFetch’s durable, automatic system lets dogs remained challenged and entertained. Plus, of course, it tires them out!

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4.) Tagg

Though Tagg is mainly marketed as a GPS tracker, this wearable device also serves many health related purposes! The waterproof collar uses GPS technology to help owners see where their pets are at any given time. In addition to that peace of mind, Tagg also provides real-time weather info, to help protect pets from extreme temperatures, and shows behavioral and activity stats. Perfect for the overprotective dog owner in all of us (hint: the most common kind of dog owner there is…)

Well, there you have it! A few of our favorite pet tech products designed with your dog’s health in mind. Do you own any of these products, or maybe swear by one that didn’t make the list? Share your experiences as tech-davy pet parents below!

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