Wearable technology allows for better communication with service dogs

Video: Can Wearable Computing for Dogs Keep Humans Safer? | Melody Moore Jackson | TEDxPeachtree

Researchers at Georgia Tech are trying to find ways to use technology to help people communicate more effectively with service dogs. They have created a way to give these dogs a voice, so they can communicate clearly with their handlers.

Video: Wearable tech for your pet

This wearable technology straps to the dog’s back and with a simple nudge or tug the device will communicate what the dog is trying to say. They have also developed a vest that can send silent vibrating signals to the dog if their handler is far away or they are in a situation requiring stealth.

As you can see, these vests will not only benefit service dogs, but bomb sniffing dogs and other working dogs as well. It’s going to be interesting to see where this technology leads.

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