Becoming a service dog trainer

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To become a service dog trainer, first find out what area of this field appeals to you. Then complete an educational program, which will include passing a certification exam.

Options As a Service Dog Trainer

There are various types of service dogs who need to be trained. First, explore the different types of canine jobs that are in existence. Here are the primary ways canines are put to work:

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  • Therapy dogs: visit schools, hospitals and health facilities
  • Police and guard dogs: work with drug, bomb squad and field units
  • Water, search and rescue dogs: go through very extensive training to assist on emergency calls
  • Companion and seeing eye dogs: provide guidance for special needs, elderly or vision impaired individuals

Completing Service Dog Certification

Get your credentials through a national organization such as the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. After going through the agency`s training program, you will be able to work as a qualified service dog trainer.

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Here`s what you`ll need to do:

  • Pass a written exam including theory and instructional skills
  • Complete 300 hours of dog training
  • Have a high school diploma
  • Provide professional references
  • Part of the training hours may include working with shelter animals, as a vet tech, in a classroom setting or grooming facility
  • Personal Qualifications Helpful for a Service Dog Trainer
  • Good communication skills
  • Love and respect for animals
  • Patience while training
  • Excellent techniques: delivering commands effectively
  • Using the correct tone of voice
  • Having a calm demeanor

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Therapy dog trainers and handlers should be good with people, as well as empathetic

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