How to identify a service dog: service, support, or therapy?

Video: How Do I Make My Dog a Therapy Dog? What's the Difference Between a Service Dog & Therapy Dog?

From seeing eye dogs to anxiety therapy dogs, there are numerous ways in which canines help humans navigate and cope with the world.

Video: Can You Spot a Fake Service Dog?

While some service dogs must be invited into community spaces¬†and stores by law, other may be barred. However, with so many different types of aid dogs, it’s hard to know the rules.

Orvis has created this awesome (and handy) infographic explaining different types of service dogs and how they function. Enjoy!

Video: Support Dogs: Service, Emotional, and Therapy Dogs

Is That a Real Service Dog?

We appreciate the help of service dogs of all shapes, sizes, and roles. Have you ever thought about training your dog to be a therapy dog or training service dogs yourself?

Video: Take Your Dog Anywhere Without Conflicts

It could be a very rewarding experience. A good first step is to teach your dog how to be a canine good citizen, and then move on from there.

What’s your experience with service dogs? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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