Taylor swift hears her song covered on gofundme, then donates 10k for boy to get his service dog

Five-year-old Jacob Hill is living with autism. When his family learned that a therapy dog could help ease his anxiety, as well as keep him safe from outside dangers like traffic and open water (such as neighborhood pools), they knew a protective pooch would enhance Jacob’s life.

The only problem: training a service dog is expensive! Purchasing a pooch from Autism Service Dogs of America costs $13,500.

The family set up a GoFundMe page, and big sister Jordon Fox, along with cousin Makaylee Duhon, decided to take it a step further: they posted a clever video covering Taylor Swift’s song Blank Space and adding their own lyrics, asking for donations.

And who happened to see this awesome video, but none other than Ms. Swift, herself!

The original Blank Space writer–and her mom–donated a whopping $10,000 to the fund, leaving a sweet message.

“Jacob, we hope you love your new dog! Please tell your cousins that they did a great job on the song! Love, Taylor and Andrea Swift.”


Jacob’s mom Andrea could hardly believe that the pop star had donated such a generous gift. She was also incredibly grateful to the caring friends and family, who are no doubt star supporters.

Dogs really do make the world a better place.

(Feature images adapted from the Autism Service Dog for Jacob GoFundMe page.)

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