Viral photo shows how powerful the kindness of a dog can be

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Dog lovers are no strangers to the powerful healing that can only come from a 4-legged friend. And for a person who is living with a disability, a service dog is truly life-changing.

In a touching photo that has gone viral, a mother is overwhelmed with emotion as her child begins to form what will surely be a deep bond with his new service dog.

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Five-year-old Kai is living with autism and has struggled to make social connections his whole life- that is, until he met his service dog, Tornado. With his new companion, friendship came perfectly naturally.

What’s more, this moment came after the mother and son spent hours traveling thousands of miles to meet Tornado. According to Scary Mommy, they are Americans living overseas in Japan and had waited two years to get the pup at 4 Paws Ability in Ohio.

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Traveling that far across country borders is stressful for anybody, let alone a routine-oriented child with autism. But once the boy was with his service dog, his loving mother knew that everything was going to be okay.

See what this mother had to say in a video by Rosey News:

We know that having a canine companion can be very therapeutic, but this beautiful story shows the incredible impact that dogs have on our lives! We wish new friends Kai and Tornado the absolute best of luck, as well as their selfless mom who would do anything to give her son the best life possible.

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