Officer receives a special gift to fill the empty space after losing his best friend and k9

Earlier this month, K-9 Officer Jethro was shot and killed while on a suspected burglary call with his partner, Officer Ryan Davis in Canton, Ohio. At the German Shepherd’s funeral, hundreds of officers showed up from in and out of state to pay their respects. Officer Davis, understandably, was devastated by the loss of his devoted partner and friend.

When nonprofit organization K9s4COPSheard the story, they wanted to help–and provided Officer Davis with a new partner. Named Tuko, the German Shepherd was donated to Officer Davis, who flew to Houson, Texas to bring him home. Handpicked by Davis, “He’s very stable mentally, very calm,” he said in an article by Canton Rep.

Now home in Ohio, Tuko is ready for training. Says a post on the Canton Police Department Facebook page:

Tuko will begin his 14 week school at the Canton Police Department K9 Training center to become a Canton Police Officer on Monday Feb 1st.

While there’s no doubt that Davis will always miss his fallen partner, we’re sure that he and Tuko will form a close-knit bond of their own.

Looks like the pup is already feeling right at home!

Congratulations Officer Ryan Davis, and best of luck to the new partners!

If you’d like to help the Canton Police Department purchase new bulletproof vests for their K-9 officers, visit the Canton K-9 Jethro Vet & Vest Fund via Go Fund Me.

(Feature images adapted from the Canton Police Department Facebook page.)

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