Dog trotter usa markets treadmills for canines

Video: 2014Evo Pro from Dog Trotter

Much like people, lots of dogs can benefit from the use of a treadmill. From pets needing physical therapy to police and show dogs, the health and training possibilities are endless with a treadmill regiment.

Video: Red nose on dog trotter usa

Dog Trotter USA creates quality well-built canine treadmills that are made in the USA and used by nearly every branch of the US Military as well as the New York City Police Department. They manufacture free spinning and non-motorized slat mills that are designed to give dogs a safe workout, and they make treadmills to fit every size dog from toy breeds to extra large pups.

As you can see in this video, the dog can run as fast or as slowly as they want and they are attached to the treadmill so there is no danger of them falling off. Every model also has durable sides to keep the animal on the treadmill.

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