Fda approves new drug that can help dogs cope with noise related anxiety

Video: New FDA approved prescription veterinary medicine can ease dog anxiety due to loud noises

Petrified pooches rejoice! There’s great news from the FDA this week. A new drug known as Sileo has been approved to treat noise-related fears in dogs, and best of all – it’s not a pill!

Video: FDA Approves Drug to Calm Dogs During Fireworks and Thunder

Anxiety caused by frightening sounds is very common in dogs. For some pups, just snuggling up to their humans does the trick. For others, medication is required to keep them from panicking and potentially injuring themselves.

Video: Sileo - Anxiety medication for dogs with noise phobia

More dogs are reported missing on the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve than any other time of year due to the explosive fireworks, and summer thunderstorms often lead to destructive behaviors and injuries.

Back when I worked as a vet tech, I once spent 4 hours picking shards of glass out of the chest and front limbs of a German Shepherd who had leapt through a plate glass window during a particularly loud storm.

Although veterinarians already have several drug options to prescribe to anxious patients, most are designed for humans and have side effects like grogginess. Veterinarian, Dr. Heidi Meier told CBS News Channel 3 that this is not the case with Sileo.

“The really nice thing with this particular medication is that it takes away the anxiety without causing sedation or drowsiness,”

Video: The Need to Know Treatment for Dog's Fireworks Anxiety | GH

The drug comes in gel form and is designed to be rubbed onto the dog’s gums prior to a stressful event like an impending storm. Each syringe of gel costs $25, but depending on the size of the dog it can last for several doses.

The side effects are minimal with vomiting being the most frequently reported. Since it does not have a powerful sedating effect, Sileo can be used up to five times in a day. If drowsiness does occur, your veterinarian can adjust the dose as needed.

To learn more about Sileo and canine noise aversion, click here.

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