Five things every corgi owner should know

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Are you a Corgi owner? A new one? Really? Well, here are 5 things that you should know as a Corgi owner. Yes, just five things to know about them and you’ll be fine!

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First of all, Corgis are ALL ears so they make for great listeners! You have a problem? Need someone to talk to? Talk to them! Just don’t expect them to talk back to you and give you all sorts of advice though. Next, though they can only belly flop, trust me, it’ll be the most graceful and majestic belly flop you’ll ever see in your whole life so don’t be embarrassed about it!! Yeah, they shed…but you’re handy with a hand vacuum, aren’t you?? They’re also masters at doing the pancake pose and trust me, they will follow you everywhere!

What’s a pancake pose? Well, check the video out, dude. You’ll know what I mean when you watch it. Share this with others too. Who knows, one of them will fall in love with a Corgi and decide to rescue one…that’ll be so cool!

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