New dog poop color chart app is strange and interesting

New Dog Poop Color Chart App is Strange and Interesting

Believe it or not, but dogs’ poop says a lot about their health. The consistency and the color are both easily affected by how your dog is feeling health wise. One innovative and interesting app is helping owners understand what the color of their dog’s poo means and when they may need to take them in to see the vet.

The company is called Tribal Worldwide, and the app is called Pootone. The app was actually designed for the dog food brand Fish4Dogs and comes in a printed form as well. In the video for the app, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, the narrator talks about many dogs being saved because their health issues are noticed and addressed early on.

The company has already printed over 500,000 Pootone sheets and given them out to dog owners. They are hoping that the app and the print version will help dog owners realize that the better quality food they put in their dog, the better quality poo will come out the other end.

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New Dog Poop Color Chart App is Strange and Interesting

A happy healthy dog will produce chocolate brown poo. Though some slight variations in color are normal, certain color changes will catch an owner’s attention. For example, bright red streaks may indicate bleeding in the lower GI tract while dark black stool could mean bleeding in the small intestines or stomach.

Pale yellow or clay-colored stool may mean a problem with the liver, pancreas, or gallbladder. The makers of Pootone say that any deviation from the typical chocolate brown color that lasts for more than two or three stools should be a cause for concern and your veterinarian should be called.

The Pootone app allows dog owners to take a photo of their pet’s latest poo sample and the app matches the color with the meaning behind it. The app will advise the owner of what may be causing the discoloration and whether they should seek immediate veterinary care.

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It’s not just color that can tell your veterinarian what is going with your dog. Consistency, coating, and the contents of your dog’s stool can also tell them a lot. Makers of the app say they will be submitting it in the innovation category at Cannes Lions, the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry.

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