Otto the skateboarding bulldog claims a guinness world record!

Video: Otto the skateboarding bulldog - Guinness World Records - amazing

Tillman the skateboarding Bulldog may be gone, but a lot of dogs have followed his footsteps. Dogs and their owners all over the world have been inspired by Tillman’s achievements, and one of them is Otto the Bulldog.

Otto is a three-year-old Bulldog from Lima, Peru. His owners Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards were inspired to get a Bulldog after they saw Tillman’s awesome skateboarding videos. And when they got Otto, they gave him a skateboard. Turns out this dude loves skateboarding as much as Tillman does!

One time, Otto was skateboarding really fast, and he was heading for Luciana. Luciana had to open her legs so she wouldn’t get toppled down and so Otto could pass through. That’s when she got the idea to attempt breaking the record of the Longest human tunnel traveled through by a skateboarding dog.

Video: Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog Guinness World Records (Reaction!)

And Otto did it! He skated through the legs of 30 humans, setting a new world record for the Longest Human Tunnel Traveled Through By A Skateboarding Dog!

Here’s an aerial video of how Otto skateboarded through 30 humans:

Video: Watch Otto the skateboarding dog break Guinness World Record in Peru

Isn’t he amazing? Watch more in the video below!

Video: Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog Breaks World Record

Congratulations, Otto! You’ve set a new world record! That was some cool skateboarding skills you showed us!

Read more about Otto’s story at the Guinness World Records website. You can also view more photos and videos of Otto on his Facebook Page!

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