Sit means sit dog training franchise focuses on positive reinforcement

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Focuses on Positive Reinforcement

The Sit Means Sit dog training system was created by Fred Hassen. It is a studied, tested, and proven approach to dog training that show’s results in the canine’s ability to maintain focus and perform tasks even when distractions are present. It is a non-confrontational training method that focuses on reinforcement, and it is so successful that the business is now a franchise which is spreading across the country.

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Jason Folgmann opened the newest Sit Means Sit franchise last month, and the self proclaimed dog lover has already scheduled appointments with more than a dozen families. Although it takes much more than a love of dogs to run your own pet business, Folgmann was ready for the challenge. He says he wanted to do something he loved, but he also wanted to give pet parents the flexibility that they desired.

The entrepreneur doesn’t work from an office. He works out of an easily-recognized van that is covered in the Sit Means Sit Logo. By working out of this mobile office he is able to bring his dog training skills to his customers. Whether people want their dogs trained at their house, at the beach, at the dog park, or even at Folgmann’s home, he can make it happen.

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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Focuses on Positive Reinforcement

Sit Means Sit offers many different packages that are based on what the owner wants from their pet. All their training packages are aimed at instilling good behavior. Immersion programs offer at least two private training lessons, unlimited group classes, and the patented Sit Means Sit remote training collar. Dog owners can also select more advanced classes which have been created to meet a variety of budget options.

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Folgmann says that the training collar is an important tool for the training process, but it isn’t used in the same way as most similar electric collars. He says the collars are used simply to get the dog to pay attention using positive means. The collar is not associated with anything negative. It’s used to get his attention, not punish him.

Folgmann was inspired to pursue this business by the lack of options for his own dog. After some research and a rigorous one-month training program in Las Vegas, he was fully certified to become a Sit Means Sit dog trainer. His goal is to have a large training facility within five years and hire a few more trainers as well.

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