Struggling garmin may be saved by dogs

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Struggling Garmin May Be Saved By Dogs

Garmin, best known for their advanced technology in the field of GPS, has been struggling recently. With slowing sales and big drops in the company’s stock market standings, they have now developed a new device that will save them from continuing this pattern, and they are hoping that consumers in the dog product market will help them bounce back.

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The company has been in the GPS navigation and wireless device field for more than 25 years, but with all the recent competition and advanced technologies hitting the market, sales have been slowly decreasing. They serve five primary business units including aviation, automotive, marine, fitness, and outdoor recreation.

Garmin International Inc., a division of Garmin Ltd., announced the debut of their newest device last week. The new Pro Control 2 handheld device features a number of improvements over the previous model, and is backwards compatible with legacy Tri-Tronics Pro Control remote receivers.

Struggling Garmin May Be Saved By Dogs

The device is designed for serious field trailers, sporting dog trainers, and hunt testers. It lets handlers have reliable and consistent control of launchers, releasers, and many other accessory items. The accessories are all sold separately from the Pro Control 2.

The device is colored bright yellow to make it easier to spot if it is dropped or lost in a grassy field or in the woods. It can also withstand exposure to water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes, and it floats. Both of these features are important for waterfowl training.

The Pro Control 2 has the ability to release multiple launchers at the same time and can control up to 18 launchers from up to 700 yards away. The display on the handheld device allows the user to select which receiver to activate quickly and easily. The device also lets handlers switch between e-collar training mode and launcher mode so they are able to correct their dog quickly without a lot of hassle of switching between functions.

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Garmin is concentrating on growing their outdoor segment and they are focused on developing technologies that will enhance the user’s outdoor experience as well as foster their relationship with their dogs. Garmin is hoping to have the Pro Control 2 on shelves by the second quarter of 2015 and its minimum retail price will be $129.99.

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