The pulnomor dog leash allows you to enjoy your dog walking experience

Video: Best Dog Leash

Most dogs pull on their leash making it difficult and uncomfortable to walk them. Sadly, many no-pull collars and harnesses work by putting pressure on the dog’s neck which can be painful and physically harmful for them. The Pulnomor Leash is a patent pending design to keep your dog from pulling without harming them in any way.

Video: Pulnomor Dog Leash

As you can see from the video, this leash is very simple to put on your dog, and it can be used as a no-pull system or a traditional leash. It’s unique design allows it to convert from one to the other in just a few seconds.

The Pulnomor Dog Leash focuses on the dogs’ abdomen. When your dog pulls it creates a natural consequence that your dog will catch on to almost instantly. Currently the leash is only available from the company’s website.

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