Unlikely friends prove love is unconditional in all species

Video: Unlikely Animal Pairs Defy Laws of Nature

Giant Schnauzers are large dogs originally used to guard and protect homes and people. These active, powerful dogs can be imposing and certainly not the type of animal someone would consider intruding upon. But this adorable pup has her own agenda and shows that love is unconditional across all species. Every chance she gets, she heads over to the barn stalls to meet one of her very best friends, a North Swedish Horse! Dogs and horses have actually worked alongside each other for centuries, so it isn’t surprising these two have a mutual appreciation for each other. Even still, it’s so cute to see how happy they are to see each other. Their friendship is heartwarming and sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Video: Android: Friends Furever

Hopefully these two have many more days of friendship to come, and maybe some more videos too. Such a basic but sweet video just warms the heart!

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