When she realizes her dog doesn’t want to be a princess, this little girl’s reaction is absolutely hilarious

Watching a genuine friendship develop between children and dogs really never gets old. It’s just a perfect match- so much innocence…so much curiosity…so much sweetness.

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Sierra is an imaginative 3 year-old who, like a lot of girls her age, loves the idea of being a princess. She and her Newfoundland Sebastian are best pals who do everything together. But, it turns out, the pair doesn’t quite agree on everything.

In the hilariously endearing video below, we watch as Sierra tries with all her adorable might to convince Sebastian that dress up isn’t just for little kids…dogs can participate too! She tries to adorn him with a fluffy purple crown, but the gentle giant tries to politely deny her request.

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“I don’t think he wants to be a princess,” says Sierra’s mom.

Little Sierra responds hilariously, saying, “Really? Okay, okay. How about a prince!”

Mom confirms that Sebastian probably doesn’t want a crown of any kind on his head…and Sierra’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

Definitely worth watching until the end – get ready to smile!

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Source: Girl shocked to learn dog doesn’t want to be princess by Sebastian on Rumble

Just because her dog didn’t want to get in on the dress up fun doesn’t mean Sierra would let it ruin her mood…or her snack time! So cute. Dog owners with kids: do your fur babies ever let your baby babies dress them up during playtime? Share your thoughts below!

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