This amazing woman makes sweaters for homeless dogs to make them feel warm and loved!

Jan Brown, a woman from Sunderland, England, is a dog lover. She owns four dogs, three Greyhounds and one German Shepherd. Jan is also very skilled in knitting. And she combined her two passions by knitting sweaters for dogs.

Video: Woman Quit Her Job To Knit Sweaters For Cold Abandoned Greyhounds

The idea began when she was inspired to knit a sweater for her very own rescued Greyhound. Then she began hand-knitting dog coats to raise money and awareness for the Greyhound Rescue Northeast.

Source: Caters News Agency via BuzzFeed
Source: Caters News Agency via BuzzFeed

Her knitting became so popular that it became a full-time business now called “Knitted With Love”. She got so busy that she had to quit her day job for her business.

Source: Jan Brown via The Dodo
Source: Jan Brown via The Dodo

What’s even more amazing is that even with her business growing, she always had time to donate sweaters, blanket coats to help homeless dogs stay warm.

Check out the video below!

What an amazing, bighearted woman! Jan has donated sweaters to several rescue organizations including Fall In Love With A Rescue and Birmingham Greyhound Protection.

If you want to order sweaters, you can check out Jan Brown’s Knitted With Love website.

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