Will you consider a rescue for your next dog?

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Are you thinking of bringing a dog into your life? Be you single or married with kids, bringing a puppy or adult dog into your life is something you won’t regret. So, with the decision made are you willing to consider a rescue dog shelter as a place to find your new dog? Giving a homeless dog a new home is certain to make the dog you choose very happy, faithful, a loyal companion, and you will feel great for saving the life of your new dog.

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Consider a rescue dog

A good place to begin when you consider a rescue dog shelter or organization is talk with local dog owners. They often already know about these shelters or know someone who does. Once a couple of rescue organizations have been located go for a visit and see what dogs they have meeting your criteria. All dog rescue shelters will want you to answer a few questions covering your background as a dog owner, if you feel you are equipped financially to provide for the dog, and how you feel concerning discipline for the dog. These questions are in no way meant to be intrusive but are for the safety of the dog. The shelter is just taking precautions the dog will be going to a safe and loving environment. Most dog rescue organizations will charge a small fee, or ask for a donation if you find a dog you like so be prepared for this when you visit.

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When you consider a rescue dog organization as a source for your new dog keep in mind most of the dogs will not be puppies. Middle age dogs are the majority with a few adolescent and elderly dogs are the norm. It is also very important you understand these dogs would not be there if they had not been abandoned or mistreated A dog who has been subjected to these traumatic experiences is going to need patience and much love from you and your family before they begin to trust humans again. The dog is likely to have a few “rough edges” to them only time and plenty of love will cure. Please remember the dog is going crave this love and affection, but due to their previous experiences they will need time to begin to trust, and accept what they desperately desire.

We currently have a rescue dog that was apparently severely abused by a man and was abandoned. It took a long time for the dog to accept and trust me, and it is still “my wife’s dog”, and it still has some separation anxiety issues. But, the dog will jump up in the chair with me now and nuzzle, etc, so you can have a wonderful companion that was a rescue dog if you have a little patience.

Please consider a rescue dog organization for your dog as the need is so great for providing these canines with a good, safe, and loving environment where they will thrive.

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