When a terrified stray dog resists rescuers, they soon find out why…

Hope For Paws in a Los Angeles-based dog rescue that’s shared tons of amazing rescue stories.

Video: Watch heartwarming moment rescuer gains the trust of terrified stray dog on the street

Recently, they received a call about a small, shaggy stray dog who had been homeless for at least a few months. While the rescuers are used to dogs running and hiding from them due of past traumatic experiences, they suspected that this pup didn’t want to leave her spot for another reason.

Once they were finally able to get the pooch safely contained, they saw that she was lactating. That’s when they realized that there must be someone special that she didn’t want to leave behind…

Watch the heartwarming footage from this rescue:

Video: WATCH Stray dog helps rescue litter of 10 puppies

As soon as Petunia was reunited with her newborn, Petal, she was able to relax and let the rescuers care for them! We’re glad that they’re both doing so well. Aren’t they adorable?

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