This mangy dog was dying out on the street and this person wasn’t going to give up on him

Video: Watch how this rescue dog is making a speedy recovery

Nowhere else in the world are there more stray dogs than in India and many of them are in horrific conditions pretty much like this poor mutt covered in tar and suffering from the worse case of mange.

Video: Cute tiny puppy rescued

Here comes our Miracle Workers to the rescue through Animal Aid Unlimited! This poor dog was brought to their compound and given much needed TLC. Shivering and scared of being touched by his kindhearted and very brave rescuer at first, he finally allowed her to pet him and after his first good meal, he was given the first of many medicated baths.

Watch as his demeanor and looks transform miraculously after just 6 weeks of treatment and care! Truly, the human touch can heal and do wonders!!

Video: Amazing Puppy Rescue - Great Ending - PLEASE SHARE

Video: How Much Is That Doggie In The Window - Patti Page

There are many stray dogs in the United States that need to be rescued but watching this video shows us clearly that there are many dogs in the world who are in far worse conditions. Please do share this heartwarming video and encourage your friends to help dogs in dire need.

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