Terrified dog rescued from well & spared from certain death

Video: Rudy - Beaten and abused dog saved from death needs your help!

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue in India, has some of the best rescue stories out there. In a country where poverty is widespread and strays are rampant, it’s so heartwarming to see an organization that is dedicated to saving as many street dogs as they can.

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Their most recent rescue was of a pup who’d fallen into a deep well. The sides were so steep that she couldn’t climb up, and after swimming for hours, she was exhausted. When help arrived, she was terrified and clinging to a ledge to stay above water, but her strength was waning. Luckily, they came just in time!

Watch the heartwarming rescue:

Video: Saving Brownie from Certain Death - Dog Rescue Mission

Amazing what a few hours of care will do, isn’t it? We’re so glad that this beautiful girl is safe!

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