Abused dog faces the wall, too scared to look at anyone, but her rescuers are not giving up!

It is very hard and heartbreaking to imagine how an abused dog feels deep down inside–not feeling safe and not feeling any love at all. So when an abused dog gets rescued, we understand why it’s not easy for them to trust humans after all they’ve been through.

Video: Abused Dog Stares at Wall for Days After Being Rescued

This abused dog named Angel was rescued by PAWS Animal Rescue organization in Ireland. Angel is a greyhound mix and her actions show that she was previously abused. Angel was too terrified to even look at anyone, she would just sit in the corner and look at the wall.

But Angel’s rescuers are not giving up on her. They are determined to help her. They brought in a dog from the same pound to help change Angel’s behavior–and it worked!

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Watch the video below and see how Angel is doing now!

WOW! What a big change! Angel is so happy in her new home!

For more info about PAWS Animal Rescue, visit their website or their Facebook Page.

Video: Abused Dog Who Stared At Walls To Avoid Human Contact Makes Incredible Transformation

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