Abused chow chow on road to recover after rescue

Video: Neglected Chow Chow on road to recovery at KC Pet Project

Harry is a purebred Chow Chow that was rescued from an abusive home and is now on the road to recover thanks to KC Pet Project. Harry was chained in a yard, severely emaciated, had extremely matted, overgrown hair and a large portion of his nose missing. Although he’s still relatively shy around people, he’s warming up significantly as he realizes that humans can and do care about him. He’s been shaved down completely so his skin and coat can heal. In fact, the KC Pet Project took off 5lbs of mats! He is also currently awaiting funding for a possible skin graft to repair his nose. Although the road to recover is a long one, Harry is expected to return to a normal dog capable of living in a wonderful forever home soon.

Video: KC Pet Project rescues extremely neglected Chow Chow

Video: Abandoned Chow Chow Puppy was rescued after a month of wondering

Thanks to special rescue groups like the KC Pet Project, hundreds to thousands of animals are saved and brought into loving, forever homes each year. Without them, many of these animals would be left alone to die. For more information about the incredible KC Pet Project, visit their website here.

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