Dog found abandoned after owners moved the month before

Video: Abandoned Dog Found After Owners Moved the Month Before

Detroit rescue Home Fur-Ever got a tip about an abandoned, neglected older dog who was chained in a backyard. As it turns out, his owners had left him to die when they moved out–a month ago.

Video: Abandoned dog left crying at the door after his family moved away

Volunteers Mandi Deveja and Nei Schell went to rescue the poor pup on an 85-degree day and found him severely dehydrated, emaciated, and with a skin infection on his face. Amazingly, the dog greeted the volunteers with a wagging tail and friendly demeanor, despite how horribly he must have been treated. His new name is Beau.

According to ABC news the person who called in the tip said that they thought Beau had spent most of his life on the thick chain. Apparently there used to be a female dog in the yard who was also chained. But when she jumped the fence to try to escape, she ended up strangling herself.

But thanks to angels Mandi Deveja and Nei Schell and the kind folks at the Home Fur-Ever rescue, Beau has a second chance. They will make sure this sweet boy has proper medical treatment, then find him a foster home. “He will need a foster home where he can decompress and recover,” reads the rescue’s Facebook page.

Video: Neglected puppy's owners charged with animal abandonment

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(h/t: ABC news)

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