Dog cramped in a tiny cat crate found abandoned in a shelter’s driveway

We dog lovers will never understand people who abandon dogs. How could they be so heartless? Dogs are loyal, true-blue friends- they’re more than pets to us, they’re part of the family. How could someone just abandon a family member?

What’s worse is that some people would abandon a dog in an excruciatingly painful way. Some have even left their dogs chained without food and water!

The bulldog in the photos below was found abandoned outside the Almost Home No-Kill Animal Shelter in Michigan. Not only was this poor baby left all alone, but she was also cramped up in a tiny cat crate.

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The crate was left in the shelter’s driveway. When the shelter employees reviewed the security cameras, it shows that the dog was left there around 9pm the previous night.

When they found the poor dog, she was crying in pain. She was left there in that tiny space with no room to move for more than 12 hours.

The shelter employees worked together to get the dog out of the crate. When she was finally removed, they discovered that she had a herniated disc as a result of her being imprisoned in that tiny crate.

Her legs were paralyzed that she wasn’t able to walk.

In the photo below are two crates. The one in the left is the crate that the poor dog was crammed into. And the one in the right is the right size for her. So you can just imagine just how painful it must be for her to be forced to fit into that small thing!

They named the dog Sarah, and boy was she happy to be out of her tiny prison. She was so grateful to be rescued that she gave lots of kisses and snuggles. According to Karissa Parran, the shelter’s assistant manager, Sarah is a sweetheart.

Sarah has a long way to go for her to recover. She will have to undergo medical procedures, x-rays, and be examined by a neurologist.

The shelter is doing everything they could to help her. But they’re gonna need help since Sarah’s treatment costs approximately $10,000 to $15,000. So they’re knocking gently on your hearts for you to consider making a donation to help poor Sarah.

If you are interested in helping her, please make a donation through THIS LINK.

For more updates about Sarah’s condition, please follow Almost Home-No Kill Shelter on Facebook.

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You can also read more about Sarah’s story at The Dodo.

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