Strangers saw these two dogs at a kill shelter desperate to play and had to do something about it

Everyone, meet Fantasia–a dog who was saved from euthanasia by of a group of strangers who came together when they saw Fantasia’s photo on Facebook.

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A photographer named Jo Lyons went to the Renbury Farm Animal Shelter and took photos of Fantasia. And what the photographer captured was just priceless–a photo of Fantasia sharing her toy with Frankie, the dog in the cage next to hers. It was both adorable and heartbreaking.

Source: Jo Lyons Photography - Facebook
Source: Jo Lyons Photography – Facebook

The caption of the photo said,

“This is Fantasia and Frankie. They just want to play, but the steel bars restrict them. Two young dogs with a spirit of fun and adventure. If only they could play… they could have so much fun together. They are both available to adopt now from Renbury Farm Animal Shelter. They are both very young and full of personality. Please share these darlings and help them find the lives they deserve.”

Unfortunately, Fantasia was scheduled to be euthanized the following week.

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The photos moved a lot of people, and it caused a group of strangers to come together and devise a plan to save her. Just a few hours before she was going to be euthanized, they created a Facebook rescue page for her–Saving Fantasia Facebook Community. They also went to the shelter and met with Fantasia.

Watch the video below and see Fantasia’s journey. Be sure you have some tissues handy.

Fantasia was incredibly sweet when she met her rescuers. Now she’s safe from being put down, but she’s still searching for a forever home. Her foster family also needs help with the cost of her care and training.

You can help Fantasia by sending your donations to Fantasia’s GoFundMe page. You can also see some updates at her Facebook Page.

If you want to read more about her story, visit

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