Homeless dog wandered into a dangerous trash heap…seeing his rescue took my breath away!

Homeless dogs struggle in all sorts of ways, from scrummaging for scraps to sleeping in dark, dangerous areas. These vulnerable pups are faced with only one objective: survive.

Hope For Paws is a Los Angeles organization determined to helping animals in need. In the video below, we meet one particular dog they helped, a white Pitbull volunteers later named Thor.

Hope For Paws received a call from concerned community members at a local Waste Management facility saying a dog had wandered into their facility. The homeless pitbull had climbed on top of a trash heap and made himself at home. The incredible footage shows how deep in the pile he is…it took me several seconds to even recognize where the dog was within the trash.

As volunteers approached, the dog ran away, clearly spooked by their presence. It took a long time, but finally they earned this petrified boy’s trust, and were able to get him to safety. Watch Thor’s incredible rescue here:

Such an amazing rescue! I think my favorite part is seeing Thor sitting happily in a bath at the end. It’s obvious he’s slowly but surely getting used to the kindness and love being shown to him. What did you think of the video?

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