This dog really wants his owner to know it’s playtime

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Our dogs let us know how they’re feeling in lots of different ways. Depending on the pup, it might be a wagging tail or an adorably tilted head or a spontaneous snuggle. And some, like the hilariously needy Boxer you’re about to meet, communicate by whining.

While whining is of course not ideal in any dog owner’s life, Lexi the Boxer makes the usually annoying habit actually quite endearing. In the video below, we watch as this determined girl rests her head on a couch arm and whines for her humans to play with her. The noise sounds more like boat horn than a whine, if you ask me. This is 18 seconds of pure funniness!

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I love at the end when she finally lifts her head off the couch…so cute. How do you react to your dog whining? Share your thoughts below!

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