Socializing a puppy

Start slowly, and as he grows add in more and more different situations to see how he is progressing with the socialization process. He will let you know if he is frightened, or becomes aggressive in certain environments. If you observe this behavior back off and allow him time to adjust. Never force all sorts of new experiences on a puppy as this can result in the pup becoming timid or afraid. Always speak to the pup in a calm, reassuring voice, and praise him when he confronts a stranger or other dog and responds in a friendly manner.

There is a critical age at which puppies will easily accept new situations. That is from about 4-6 weeks up through about 12-14 weeks of age. Expose the pup to as many different situations as possible during that time, while being sure to keep him safe and protected from things that may startle him or expose him to disease.

One of the best and easiest ways for socializing all pups is to enroll him and yourself in obedience training classes. This is great for the crucial bonding between you and the dog, plus he will be exposed to other dogs and their owners. If this environment causes the pup to withdraw and show signs of fear never force the issue with him. Wait a few weeks and try again. Pups mature quickly, and he may be more receptive in another month or two.

As you can see socializing a puppy is a process and important part of owning a dog, so take the steps necessary for a well-adjusted adult dog.

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