6 New breeds to debut at westminster

Only the very best dogs (by breed standards) from around the country gather each year to compete for ‘Best in Show’ at the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual dog affair.

This year, 6 new breeds enter the competition bringing the total number of breeds to 185! While the likelihood of these new additions making it all the way to the top is fair at best – the shortest amount of time it took for a “new” breed to go from rookie to winner was 27 years – we’re excited to see these breeds finally being recognized.

The 6 new breeds you can expect to see at Westminster are:

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The Entlebucher Mountain Dog: A member of the herding family of dogs, this medium-sized, active breed is generally good natured and develops a strong, lasting bond with his owner. He is confident and self-assured, but requires a lot of early socialization.

The Norwegian Lundehund: From the non-sporting group, the Norwegian Lundehund is a smaller dog with some unique qualities. This guy has at least 6 toes on each foot and a flexible skeleten, allowing him to easily climb and navigate the rocky cliffs of Norway, chasing and retrieving puffins and getting out of tight spots. These dogs are generally happy but their curious nature can sometimes get them into trouble!

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The American English Coonhound: From the hound group, the American English Coonhound are experienced hunters, with great speed and endurance. Their unique coloring and social personalities could make this breed a standout at Westminster this year.

The Finnish Laphund: Another new entry into the herding group, the Finnish Laphund originated in northern Scandinavia herding reindeer. As a family pet, they are devoted, intelligent, and ready to please.

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The Cesky Terrier: This new addition to the terrier group is a short but long hunting pack dog. They are weary of strangers but loyal to family. Cesky Terriers in this year’s dog show will have their coats trimmed to create an illusion of slimness.

The Xoloitzcuintli: If you can’t pronounce the name of this toy breed, just call him “Sho-low.” Descendents of the prized dogs of the Aztecs, Xolos are smart and easily trained – plus, there’s no hair to clog the vacuum if you have the hairless variety!

To learn more about the 6 new breeds making their debut at Westminster this year, visit the Westminster Kennel Club’s website by clicking here. Or, for more detailed information about your favorite dog breeds, check out our breed selector here.

Do you have a favorite breed that isn’t represented at Westminster yet? Tell us about it below!

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