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The Kerry Blue Terrier, also referred to as the Irish Blue Terrier, is a breed of medium-sized, muscular dog that originated in Ireland. It belongs to the terrier breed family which is remarkable for their distinct personality and excellent hunting skills. Kerry Blue Terriers have been bred to become an all-purpose breed, farm dog, retriever, and small game hunter. Their soft, dense coat is wavy and has colors that usually vary from black to dark blue with some tinges or shades of brown to numerous shades of blue gray. Their acceptable mature color ranges from slate blue to pale gray.

Height and Weight

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The male members of the Kerry Blue Terrier normally stand a height of 18 ½ to 30 in at the withers, while bitches typically have a height of 17 ½ to 19 in. Both sexes commonly weigh between 33 to 40 lbs.


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Kerry Blue Terriers, in general, are comical, animated, and playful dogs. In fact, they have gained the reputation of being entertaining as they make people laugh. The breed is affectionate, and friendly towards their family owners and even with strangers and other pets. They are intelligent, and can be easily taught to perform tricks. Kerry Blue Terriers are also known to be alert, determined, and rowdy. No wonder, they love roughhousing. These dogs make excellent watchdogs, though rarely attack unless extremely provoked. Because of the breed’s tendency to become overly protective, handlers have to socialize them thoroughly, particularly with other canines. Additionally, Kerry Blues need a firm, yet gentle owner who can be confident and consistent in disciplining them.


Kerry Blue Terrier are easy to groom. They do not shed heavily and would only require regular grooming carried out on a weekly basis. The breed, however, would need trimming every 6 weeks, at the minimum, to keep the coat in good condition.

Health Concerns

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Members of the Kerry Blue breed are generally healthy and long-lived. As a matter of fact, they have an average life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Nevertheless, like any other canine, they are still susceptible to a few health complications such as skin infections, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye problems.

Best Environment

The breed can thrive in apartment living provided that they get to receive adequate exercise. They love to be with their family owners, and can be moderately active indoors. Access to a small yard would be advisable. Because Kerry Blue Terriers are a sporty breed, taking them on daily walks, jogs, or runs would be highly recommended.

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