Scariest dogs: dangerous and aggressive dog breeds


Aggresive rotConsidered man’s best friend, a dog can become as precious as any other member of the family or it can turn into a fearsome foe. Aggression characterizes some dog breeds more than others and it usually becomes visible in the presence of strangers and other animals, but it can also manifest towards owners. The fact that any dog can bite is not a novelty.However, the scariest dogs tend to do it more often than others. Although domestication and training have a great impact on any type of dog, some of their tendencies cannot be fully eliminated from their behavior.Top 5 fearsome dog breedsThe most dangerous and aggressive dogs in the world are undoubtedly the fighting dogs. They were conceived through a crossbreeding process. Man wanted to obtain dogs that were characterized by cold-bloodedness and strength in order to use them in dog fights or for killing people. Since dog fights became illegal, the scariest dog breeds didn’t just disappear. They were not involved in a purposeless slaughter, but trained to become gentler and serve as companion dogs.Many people bring representatives from these dog breeds in their homes without realizing that they become a risk for the entire family. Although most of them make remarkable pets, they could return to their innate tendencies in a matter of seconds if they are determined to do so by circumstances. In general, the dogs belonging to these 5 dog breeds should not be taken in by inexperienced people who never had a dog before. This is because they wouldn’t know how to handle them and act imposing.Dog breeds such as Doberman, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Bull Terrier and the American Amstaff are extremely effective as guards. They attack everything that is not in place, regardless of what they are, humans or other animals. However, it is assumed that their aggression can be tempered if they are introduced to other people and animals when they are really young.Other remedies are, of course, castration and sessions of training performed by experienced persons who must show both firmness and patience. Most often, these types of dogs are dangerous for other people, not for their owners or other people they are familiar with.The DobermanThe first place in this top 5 of dangerous dogs is occupied by the Doberman. This aggressive dog breed has appeared long before others. The representatives of the Doberman breed are impressively intelligent when it comes to attacking a prey.Whether they do it on their own initiative or someone commands them to, they don’t give up until they succeed or die trying. Moreover, they are excellent guards. It is said that in order to break in or steal something from a place guarded by a Doberman, one has to tranquilize it or worse. This is because a Doberman punishes those who don’t belong on its territory harshly.The DobermanAs a pet, a Doberman needs a strong and firm owner. Preferably, it should be afraid of this person in order to respect him or her enough and obey. In case it doesn’t have such an owner, it tends to act bossy and it doesn’t hesitate to attack its owner if it doesn’t get what it wants. A Doberman makes its own rules if its owner is not imposing enough. This aspect could make it a terrible pet to have and almost impossible to enjoy as far as affection or companionship go. Not recommended for children to play with.RottweilerThe Rottweiler is on the second place. This is a breed created for attacking humans, but also for fighting with other dogs. These canine specimens don’t hesitate to attack a person they consider suspicious even if their owners tell them not to. They tend to not take their owners’ commands in consideration especially if they don’t react in time or firmly enough.RottweilerIf a Rottweiler puppy is not properly trained, it can easily return to the old habits characteristic for this breed. Just as a Doberman, a Rottweiler enforces its own rules in a household if its owner is not a challenging figure or an imposing figure. Only an experienced dog owner can handle a Rottweiler and teach it what obedience means.Pit BullPit Bull is a dog breed that is forbidden in several countries. It is considered extremely dangerous, but unlike the Rottweiler, it was raised to attack other dogs, not people. However, it doesn’t hesitate to attack humans if they represent a danger or if they are attacking its owner. A Pit Bull is particularly loyal, being ready to give up on its own life in order to save its owner. It carries strong love feelings for the person who takes care of it, but that person has to be firm and know how to tame it.Pit BullSuch canine specimen tries to behave itself because it knows that would please its owner. In case of aggression towards it, a Pit Bull will always react violently. Those people who are not experienced enough to know what a dog is about to do just by looking at it, should not get a Pit Bull. Although it is intelligent and loving, it is born with a high level of aggressiveness that can only be controlled up to one point.Bull TerrierThe Bull Terrier is situated on the fourth place in this top. These dog types are more obedient than Pit Bulls are. They love their owners enormously and they would never hurt them. However, when it comes to getting in contact with strangers or other dogs, they cannot control themselves.Bull Terrier puppiesIt is up to their owners to train them properly, to have patience until they get comfortable around other people and animals or to keep them away from humans and other living beings for the rest of their lives. Even if they seem to behave nicely around visitors, they can react in an unforeseen way in case they misinterpret a certain action that is, in fact, harmless.American AmstaffThe American Amstaff is classified as the fifth most dangerous and aggressive dog type. This breed is very much like Pit Bulls, but as far as their aggressiveness goes, they are far from similar. They are only alike in terms of physical appearance. A dog belonging to the American Amstaff breed is easy to train and it can get familiarized with strangers and different pets in no time.American AmstaffIn addition, they are excellent guard dogs that attack on command. If they are taught to be aggressive, they will be aggressive. If not, they have the ability to keep their temper under control.Aggressiveness factors in dogsAs mentioned before, these 5 canine specimens were raised to represent a danger and to be aggressive. They are prone to act in this way because of their origins. However, there are other factors that can determine a dog to become scary to both its owner and strangers. Some dogs can become dangerous because they live in a sort of environment that determines them to develop in that way, while others become like that because they are kept isolated for too long before they have contact with other living creatures that are inoffensive and powerless. This list can continue.Unsociable dogs tend to transform in unpredictable and potentially dangerous dogs. Socialization is something that should be introduced in a pup’s life from its earliest stage of life. A socialized dog is repeatedly exposed to people it doesn’t know or to animals it has never encountered before. Despite appearances, the small sized dogs are the unhappiest dogs from this point of view. This is because their owners tend to protect them beyond measure.Therefore, they have 2 options when they feel threatened, namely to run or attack. Since sometimes there is not enough space for them to run, they tend to attack.Pit Bull infographicTethered dogs tend to develop a higher potential to become aggressive compared with the ones kept in apartments, gardens or pens. Even the dogs that are held in extremely small spaces are less aggressive than the tethered ones. This happens because a dog gets frustrated when its freedom of movement is limited. In a small space, a dog can move as much as it wants, because it is not bound to a part of that space, fact which is not possible in case of tethered dogs. Studies have shown that a perfectly well behaved and trained dog has become aggressive after it was tied up.Dangerous dogs have special needsBefore you get a dog, you should ask yourself some questions. This is because all dogs have certain needs that must be met for as long as they live. A dog depends on its owner, who must care for it and love it unconditionally. In turn, it offers enormous affection and devotion, but only if it considers its owner to be firm and imposing enough. If not, such dog can turn its owner’s life in a nightmare. An owner of a scary dog might become too afraid to hang around with it or give it any type of command, thinking it will not listen.People with a choleric temperament should not purchase or adopt dangerous or aggressive dogs. Their aggressive impulses might be kept under control, but a dog feels them and they can influence its actions. A dog that is agitated because it has an owner who is always in a cranky mood could attack people or animals out of the blue.Moreover, regardless of how well a person takes care of a scary dog, he or she has to choose a sleeping spot for it that is far from the fence or the gate. Conversely, it will always be nervous and ready to attack anyone that comes within its range of action.In order to have a vigorous, strong and balanced dog, it is necessary to conduct its physical development as well. Such training must be progressive, according to age and breed. Also, you cannot skip over physical training sessions because that would only make your dog even more aggressive. It goes without saying that you should not train your dog to be aggressive, regardless of how much protection you think you need or how confident you are that you can control it.In addition, you should avoid conflicts with these types of dogs and not give them the opportunity to impose their own will.Caring conclusions for scary dogsDogs belonging to these 5 dog breeds and other ones that are considered dangerous and aggressive should not be left out. However, it is very important for their future owner to understand their special needs and to make sure that he or she can handle them.When it comes to dogs and owners, compatibility is an aspect that comes up often. Your particular personality might not be the right type needed to tame a Doberman or a Pit Bull, so disregarding this aspect is not recommended. These dogs need to be loved and cared for as well because they are not to blame for their origins, however, not anyone can do that for them. Feeling pitiful or in a mood for an experiment are not good enough reasons to take such an important responsibility.On the other hand, if you just want to know which dogs to avoid, but you are not a dog owner yourself, you should keep in mind the dog breeds listed above. Don’t even try to get close or talk with these types of dogs. They might think you are somehow threatening, so try to mind your own business and get as far away from them as you possibly can.Stressing them and making them bark a lot is not a good idea. In addition, hearing them bark and seeing them ready to attack you will definitely not make you feel good. Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they must be treated in particular ways according to their breed, size and personality.

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