Sweetest dog breeds: 15 cute and cuddly fluffy dogs


Sweetest dogsPeople look for many things in the dogs that they want to get for their home. Many look for a faithful watch dog, others look for a dog that can help them around the home with certain tasks. And there are some who just want a sweet canine companion to keep them company.If you’re first time dog owner, however, you may not know what breeds are best for you.The cutest dog breedsHere are the top fifteen of the sweetest dog breeds for you to choose from.The PugPugs are known for being extremely affectionate and cuddly, and carry themselves with an air of dignity that makes them seem a bit standoffish. With their deep face wrinkles and large eyes, they set out to make you smile. They were originally bred for the Chinese royalty, and have since lost their noble heirs to become a popular dog among the populace.The PugThey are avid lickers, and won’t be afraid to cover your face with affectionate kisses. This behaviour also spreads to other objects as well, such as pillows and carpets. Not much can be done to curtail this, however, so it might be best if you keep your expensive display cushions out of his reach.They are also very inquisitive by nature, so they will eat anything that they find to figure out what it is. This can lead to them getting sick quite often, if you’re not very careful with what you leave out. They do have a stubborn streak that can make training a bit of a challenge, but they will aim to please and will learn their lessons with a firm hand in their training.The Bichon FriseThe Bichon Frise is a small and cheerful white dog originating from France. They love to play and cuddle with you all day long. They have a lot of love to give, which is easy to return given their toyish looks. With fluffy white hair, they almost resemble small white teddy bears, which makes them quite attractive to children.The Bichon FriseThey crave attention and don’t do well without it for long periods of time, so if you’re an owner who’s away from the home most of the day, it’s best if you provide toys that your dog can interact with. They are prone to bouts of separation anxiety, so they will follow you wherever you go around the home.The BoxerThe Boxer is a large muscular dog who looks tough, but are all heart. Their looks alone make them good guard dogs, but they express affection around humans that they know. They do have high energy levels, so they need a lot of exercise to wear them out. Their level of intelligence also requires that they be provided with some mentally challenging tasks in order to prevent boredom. But at the end of the day, after a good run, they’re quite content to cuddle with their humans on the couch.The BoxerWhat makes the Boxer even more surprising is their level of patience. They have extraordinary amounts of it, especially around children. They may become protective over them if strangers approach, and won’t display aggression unless they feel that their family is being threatened. Their affectionate streak tends to make them forget their size, and they will try to force their way into your lap for a cuddle. For their size, they’re surprisingly gentle.The Sky TerrierThe Skye Terrier is a breed originating from the Isle of Skye in Scotland. He was bred to be a hunter and took that role for over 400 years, and then became a pet for royal families. He is a very well-tempered dog who is very devoted to his human family. Always happy and joyful, he does have a protective streak when there are strangers involved. Their big attitudes definitely make up for their small sizes.Skye TerrierTheir wariness of strangers makes them acceptable watch dogs, and proper socialization can teach them who is and isn’t acceptable within and around the home. Cuddling is their favourite hobby when their humans are well, and will easily return affection once they’re shown attention.Ignoring them can lead to destructive behaviour, such as chewing on your things, excessive marking, and digging in your backyard, if he’s left outside. They’re not shy when it comes to expressing the emotions in regards to your treatment of them. Their affectionate streaks will not only make you laugh, but will cheer you up when your mood is down.The GreyhoundThe Greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, and they haven’t changed much since their original incarnation. Originating in Egypt, they were kept by many historic figures of royalty. Today, they’re accepted as a part of the family, and have a good nature that integrated them well into the home. They can be quite friendly towards new people and other animals within the home, and are rarely known to ever show aggression.The GreyhoundThey are loyal to their humans and will never refuse to show affection. This leads them to be quite protective, and will only bark at the presence of a stranger. This makes them good watch dogs for the home. The dog was and still is used as a racing breed, so they do have high energy levels. However, after a good run, their favourite activity is cuddling on the couch for the rest of the day.The Australian ShepherdThe Australian Shepherd is a high-energy dog that was originally bred to herd flocks. They’re highly intelligent, so they’re eager to engage in any kind of training or task that challenges them both physically and mentally. They can serve as great companion dogs, and their energy levels make them great play friends with children. Once they’ve gotten their exercise, however, they love nothing more than cuddling with their humans and enjoying quiet evenings inside.The Australian ShepherdThey are loyal and protective, and will take any opportunity to get as close to you as possible. They prefer laps and feet to rest on, so that they maintain some physical contact with you. They’re not the breed for everyone, however, as not all owners have the time and dedication to seeing to their exercise needs. But if you do, you will never experience regret in bringing one of these dogs into your home.The Boston TerrierBoston Terriers have been popular for over 100 years, and that is showing no signs of stopping. They were originally bred to be fighting dogs, but they’re known more for their affection. They make great companion animals to humans, and many families have adopted these spunky dogs into their homes. They can be mischievous at times, so training is essential.The Boston TerrierFor his size, the Boston Terrier is very energetic and playful. They are very good with children and shows affection for everyone in the home. Care should be taken when they are playing with children, as they can be injured quite easily. They can be entertaining when they’re ready, and are eager to steal the spotlight for a little extra attention.The MastiffThe Mastiff is another one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. He makes a great companion dog for anyone who has the space to accommodate his size. He is a copious drooler, so if you’re a neat freak, this isn’t the dog for you. He is also one of the largest dog breeds in the world, and can weigh as much as 200 pounds. Though the breed can look intimidating, they are actually very kind and calm.The MastiffThey are extremely affectionate when it comes to children, but they have a tendency to knock them over quite easily. Taking them for walks outside and engaging them in play will satisfy their needs for exercise, but they’ll enjoy nothing more than spending time inside with his family. They will do their best to act like a lap dog, despite your discomfort with their size and weight.The English Toy SpanielThe English Toy Spaniel is a very quiet breed who prefers to be with a single person than with a large family. Don’t be surprised if he only chooses one person in the family to show his affection to- that’s just his nature. They were bred with companionship in mind, so they’re quite loving. They don’t need a lot of exercise, and aren’t eager to get up and run about in the middle of the day.The English Toy SpanielBecause of this, they are suitable for those who love dogs but don’t have a lot of time in the day to exercise them. They are perfect companions for senior citizens and first time dog owners who don’t want a large breed. They are completely devoted to their humans, and can suffer from separation anxiety when they aren’t with them for long periods of time. They play well with children, but they have low patience for small children who make too much noise and are overly excited.The Great DaneThe Great Dane is a large and noble dog breed, and is often called the gentle giant. They are extremely large, but they are one of the best natured dog breeds in the world. They are extremely affectionate, love playing on children, and can be extremely goofy when it comes to play. They can knock children over quite easily with their size, should supervision is always recommended.They can be protective of the family, and their size alone is most times sufficient to scare any potential robbers from the home. They rarely ever show aggression unless they feel their family is threatened, and usually providing warning by barking.The Great DaneThey are people-oriented by nature, and are eager to please their humans. They demand attention from their family, and will follow you wherever you go to get it. Don’t be surprised to be nudged by their giant heads when they want affection- they’re not afraid to throw their weight around. The Great Dane is definitely a giant cuddler.The NewfoundlandIf you’re into large dog breeds, then the Newfoundland is for you. Loyal, dependable and good natured, they make the perfect family pet. His fur is unbelievably soft, so children will be drawn to them instantly. They were originally bred to be working dogs, carrying lumber and other things around on farms, and serving as water rescue dogs, given their proclivity for swimming.The NewfoundlandThe Newfoundland can grow to be quite large, so it’s important that you’re sure you’re capable of handling them. Early training and socialization can help to round out his personality and ensure that he listens to commands when they are given. Because he always wants to please his human, training can come quite easily. Affection is definitely the key to ensuring that a Newfoundland is happy.The XoloitzcuintliAlso known as the Mexican hairless dog, they are famous for not having hair on their bodies. They vary in size from small to very large, so you can actually have the choice for what size you want your dog to be. Their lack of fur makes it easy to keep you warm on chilly nights, as dogs have a naturally higher inner core temperature and the skin-to-skin contact staves off the cold.The XoloitzcuintliThey can be cold towards strangers, but they are very warm and attentive towards their family. They can become very sad when they’re left alone, so it’s not recommended. They don’t require a lot of exercise – nothing more than a game of fetch – to maintain their energy levels.The Rat TerrierYou will never be bored with a Rat Terrier in your home. They are adorable, funny, very playful and extremely energetic. One may think that this high energy dog would love nothing more than to run circuits around the park, but they would be wrong. Pleasing their people is the top priority of their list of things to do. They live to entertain and are quite successful at the task.The Rat TerrierThey can be a little mischievous and stubborn, but with proper training, they can be quite lovable companions. They thrive better with a bit of space and a lot of exercise, so couch potatoes are not a good fit for this breed. They do love to socialize, so having company over will make a Rat Terrier’s day. Another wonderful thing about this breed is that they’re quite empathic- they can sense your mood and adjust their behaviour to your own. That won’t stop them from trying to put a smile on your face, however.The Cavalier King Charles SpanielThis dog breed is extremely friendly, and will go through great lengths to get closer to you and anyone they meet. They are friendly and cuddly, and ready to jump into anyone’s lap for a good session of petting. They can be extremely gentle and kind, to the point of not making a very good watchdog. They can also be very playful and tend to chase smaller animals in the yard, if given the chance. This comes from their hunting background, so leash walking is definitely recommended.The Cavalier King Charles SpanielThe Spaniel does have a lot of grooming needs in order to maintain the look of his coat. You can learn to do so yourself, or invest in a professional groomer to take care of these needs for you. Regardless of which you pick, this breed’s charming smile will always win you over and warm your heart.The DachshundKnown colloquially as the “wiener dog”, this amusing looking breed has a lot going for it. Originally bred to hunt badgers, hares, foxes, and other small animals that tended to hide in holes, they are now considered great family pets. They are quite small in size and are a great addition to any family with their cute and cheerful disposition.They are also quite confident, intelligent and brave, and are fearless against dogs that are much bigger than they are. The Dachshund does not know the meaning of backing down.The Dachshund dogThey are extremely playful, and enjoy being around people. When they want to play, they will let you know by any means necessary, and trying to convince them of otherwise will only result in failure. They express themselves very vocally, but they can be taught to learn when to speak in order to minimize their barking sessions. Otherwise, they’ll curl up beside you on the couch or your bed when the opportunity presents itself. This small package of a dog bears a big heart, and will openly express his joy and love for you.Cute DachshundKeep in mind that when you’re getting a dog, many of these traits may not be present in the dog that you choose. If you are getting your puppy from a breeder, be sure to meet one or both parents to see what traits are strongest in them, and get the opportunity to meet the puppies themselves so that you can find personalities that would fit well within your home. Adoption is also a great option for finding any of these dog breeds, as well as rescues, so it’s always a good idea to keep these in mind before you start investing in a breeder.

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