Flower essences for health and behavior problems with dogs

Like in homeopathy, flower essences for dogs are among the most widespread natural remedies used in effectively treating various dog health problems like canine behavioral issues and emotional imbalances. These essences are extracts taken from certain parts of different kinds of flowers, trees, plants, and bushes. In recent times, this alternative solution in supporting and maintaining holistic vet care among dogs has been gaining popularity. Lots of dog owners have reported positive results upon making use of flower essences on their pets.

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How to Administer Flower Essences

There are several ways that can be done when it comes to administering flower essences to Fido. You can try dripping the extract directly into your pooch’s mouth or simply putting it on his snout to be licked off.

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However, ensure that the dropper never touches his mouth or skin since this contact would contaminate the bottle of flower water.

In addition, you can also try putting a few drops of the essence in Fido’s drinking water or rubbing the extract on some exposed skin such as his paw pads, inner ear flap, or belly. See to it that the part where you apply the essence to is not broken or irritated. Finally, you can try pouring a few drops of the flower water in a clean spritzer, mixing it well with little distilled water, and then spraying the extract onto your pooch’s skin.

Most Commonly Used Essences

· Agrimony. Recommended for dogs with fleas as it can help calm him down and stop the itching.
· Aspen. Helps in comforting dogs with thunderstorm phobia.
· Beech. Recommended for picky-eaters, and dogs that constantly bark.
· Cerato. Aids dogs with performance anxiety.
· Cherry plum. Helps dogs who do not like riding in cars- who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks- who chews on himself or chases his tail.
· Clematis. Perfect for dog training as it can help focus Fido’s attention. It can also be used to help him recover quickly from surgery.
· Crab Apple. Helps in detoxification
· Impatiens. Helps dogs with pain and anxiety- helps improve attention span and ability to maintain focus during training.
· Rock rose. Helps dogs which have been traumatized as it can aid in alleviating stress at the same time build courage.
· Star of Bethlehem. Recommended for all kinds of trauma- including grief.

Other Useful Essences

Aside from the above mentioned extracts, many plants can also give your pooch relief from various behavioral and emotional problems. For instance, while almond can be great for moderation as it can provide Fido better adjustment to his domesticated life, banana can help facilitate humility among dominant dogs at the same time calm down those overly emotional or agitated pooches. Other effective extracts include avocado, blackberry, coconut, corn, date, fig, grape, lettuce, orange, peach, pear, pineapple, raspberry, spinach, strawberry, and tomato.

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